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Shawn Hunter Appreciation Week

Day One: Favorite Scene

Okay, Shawn is my favorite character, and he’s in every single episode, so of course it’s impossible for me to pick one favorite scene, but I went with this one (it’s actually technically two, but they go together). And this probably seems like a strange choice, but there’s a reason I picked it.

Mr. Turner goes to Shawn’s uncle’s shop to get his motorcycle fixed, and, like most of Shawn’s family, Uncle Mike is a pretty shady fellow. But Shawn goes out of his way to make sure Uncle Mike doesn’t cheat Mr. Turner into paying more than he should, and at one point he even tells Uncle Mike, “You hurt him, I hurt you.”

Part of why I love this so much is because it happens before Mr. Turner took Shawn in, and despite what a dysfunctional family the Hunters are, they’re all firm believers in having loyalty to your family over anyone else. Pretty much all Mr. Turner is to Shawn at this point is his teacher, and Shawn neither owes him anything nor expects anything in return, yet he continually looks out for him in these scenes because he genuinely cares that he’s treated fairly, and he won’t let even his own family take advantage of him.


shawn hunter appreciation week

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